5 Critical Reasons Why Dumpster Rental Is a Worthwhile Investment

dumpster rental from box brothers roll-off servicesIn Colorado, residents generate about 9.6 pounds of trash per person, per day. That’s a lot of trash!

However, your normal garbage pickup can probably keep up with that typical amount of trash.

What do you do when you suddenly generate a lot of trash? Or trash that the city doesn’t accept? During a home improvement project, for example, or when you’re spring cleaning/downsizing.

That’s when you should consider renting a dumpster. Read on as our experts at Box Brothers Roll-Off Services provide insight into why dumpster rental is a worthwhile investment.

What Is Dumpster Rental?

In case you’re wondering how dumpster rental works, let’s go over that to start.

Whenever you have a big project like refreshing your landscape, renovating even a room or two in your home, or cleaning up after a storm/natural disaster, there will be a lot of trash.

Roll-off dumpster service works by delivering a dumpster that is an adequate size for your needs. You can keep it for a determined period of time and fill it up at your leisure.

Then, the company will come back to pick up the dumpster and get it out of your hair. Easy peasy!

Now that you know how it works, let’s look at the benefits.

1. Dumpster Rental Is Convenient

One of the biggest benefits of investing in dumpster rental is the convenience. When you’re excited about your home improvement project or motivated to clean out the garage, the last thing you want to worry about is waste management.

Dumpster rental takes all the work out of waste disposal.

All you have to do is pick up the phone and schedule a dropoff with the dumpster rental company. Then, as you work on your project you can simply toss the debris into the dumpster and forget about it.

Once you’re all done, the company will come and haul it off. You don’t have to worry about making multiple trips to the dump or trying to squeeze it piece by piece into your regular pickup.

Depending on the type of debris, the city may refuse to pick it up anyway. Thus, dumpster rental gives you the peace of mind of knowing that everything will be properly disposed of.

2. Keeps Your Yard Looking Its Best

Let’s say you plan to haul your trash to the dump yourself. Or toss it out a little bit at a time with your normal trash pickup. What do you do with it all in the meantime?

Chances are, you’ll end up tossing it in random corners of your yard until you find the time to take it to the dump. Not only is this unsightly (and possibly smelly depending on what you’re throwing away), but it can also cause damage to your yard.

The grass in your lawn will start to die within a few days smothered under a mound of trash. Hazardous materials like paints or oils can leak into the ground and kill part of your painstakingly crafted landscaping.

When you rent a dumpster you can easily avoid all those problems. Now you have a place to put all the trash while it’s waiting to be removed.

3. Saves You Money

Renting a dumpster can also save you money. You might think that taking care of your own waste disposal would be cheaper. But depending on what you’re getting rid of, it may not be.

First off, you have to factor in transportation costs.

Where is the nearest dump to your home? How many trips will you have to make? Every time you go you’re using up gas and putting wear and tear on your vehicle, particularly if it is weighed down with heavy items.

Another consideration is that even though you haul it yourself, the facility may charge a fee according to the size of your load. Plus, the facility may charge extra for some items. Those hidden fees can add up faster than you’d expect.

4. Saves You Time

Another huge benefit to renting a dumpster is how much time it will save. Taking multiple trips to the dump is not anyone’s idea of a fun way to spend a Saturday.

Plus, you may have to move the debris multiple times. The bed of your truck will fill up pretty quick and you may have to pile the debris somewhere else until you get a chance to go dump it.

However, with a dumpster rental, there is no messing around. Simply haul your items out as you’re working on your project and toss them in the dumpster. Once inside, you never have to worry about that debris again.

5. It’s Environmentally Responsible

The average landfill can only accept trash for somewhere between 30-50 years. Once it’s full, it has to shut down and another landfill is created to take its place.

What happens when we run out of room to create new landfills? That day is still a long way off, but it is still a valid question.

Using a dumpster rental service with green practices is a more responsible way to get rid of the debris from your project. Instead of it all just going straight to the landfill, the company will separate out items that can be recycled or reused.

This is one time where being environmentally responsible is actually easier!

One thing to note, because of the hazardous nature of some items, you can’t throw quite everything into your dumpster. Be sure you know what you can throw in the dumpster and what you should avoid.

Rent Your Dumpster Today!

Now that you know how efficient and easy dumpster rental is, you never have to worry about what to do with your extra debris again. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call for your dumpster delivery!

At Box Brothers Roll-Off Services, our dumpsters come in 3 convenient sizes. So even if you just need a small dumpster to get rid of some yard waste after a storm we have an option for you.

Ready for a quote? Contact us today to find out how affordable dumpster rental can be!

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