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What to Throw in Your Dumpster

Box Brothers Roll-Off Services in Denver can tell you what to throw in your dumpster that will not break the rules of refuse. Our team is dedicated to helping you get rid of all that junk you don’t want any longer and make it easy and fast. Learn just what to throw in your dumpster rental and what not to with this informative insight from Box Brothers.

A Note on Weight

Be sure to disclose to your dumpster rental company what you plan to get rid of. There are restrictions and weight limits. So, if you plan to toss heavy items or debris, make sure it is permitted in the type of dumpster you plan to rent.

Landscaping Waste

Get rid of all of that yard waste with one easy dumpster rental. Even old BBQs, rusty swing sets, and lawn furniture can go.

Moving and Downsizing

Household items of all sorts can get tossed into your rented dumpster including most furniture, tables, chairs, and more.


Many appliances can be thrown away as long as the fluids inside are appropriately removed first. We can help you with contacts for safe removal services.

Construction Waste

Wooden construction waste, siding, drywall, shingles, asphalt, concrete, bricks, and stones – Renting a roll off dumpster is the absolute best way to dispose of all of your unwanted construction debris. Throw it in there, and we will haul it away.


Now is the time to toss all of your unused cardboard, old documents, curtain, carpeting, toys, and other non-organic waste.

Not Permitted in Dumpsters

Now that we’ve covered what to throw in your dumpster, let’s get to restricted items. 

E-waste – Prohibited electronic items include cell phones, computers, DVD players, and TVs.

Paints, Stains, and Lacquers – These require other disposal methods. The exception is latex paint which can be thrown in the dumpster if it has solidified. You can do this with kitty litter.

Tires – Whole tires are not accepted, but tire scraps may be ok. Talk to Box Brothers to learn more. The best bet is to call a local tire recycler for pick up. They can use old tires to make asphalt and rubber mulch. Also, many people use tires so list them online, and you could unload them quickly.

Hazardous Waste – Pesticides, automotive fluids, asbestos, propane tanks, ink, resins, household cleaners, medical waste, contaminated soil, and absorbents are not allowed. Check your local recycling center for pick-up dates of hazardous waste products. Automotive fluids can be returned to your oil change center for recycling.

Batteries – These leak harmful toxins into the environment. Again, check with your local recycle resource to learn about drop off sights for battery disposal. Car batteries can generally go back to the store where purchased and you will receive a return deposit.

Now that you know what to throw in your dumpster rental, and what not to, call us at Box Brothers Roll-Off Services to schedule drop off of your 12-yard or 30-yard roll off dumpster in Colorado.

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