roll off dumpster fire safety tips

Fire Safety Tips For Your Roll Off Dumpster

Fire Safety Tips For Your Roll Off Dumpster

Rolloff dumpsters are often used by home and business owners to dispose of highly flammable materials, such as cardboard, paper, wood, fiberboard, and landscape debris like leaves, twigs, and branches. With recent fires ablaze up and down the West Coast, it’s important to keep in mind that these materials can catch fire even if you’re not disposing of hot or burning items from a recent fire, such as ashes.

Consider the following other ways flammable materials in roll off dumpsters catch fire:

  • A dumpster renter throws old rags soaked in a combustible liquid-like paint thinner into the dumpster.
  • A renter, pedestrian, or someone driving by tosses lit or hot cigarette or cigar into a dumpster.
  • One or more sparks from a nearby outdoor barbecue or campfire float into the open dumpster.
  • The dumpster renter or another person uses it to dispose of hot sparklers that haven’t completely burned out.

When you use a roll off dumpster, it’s your responsibility to make certain that it’s handled in a safe fashion. At Box Brothers RollOff Services, we remind our clients to only dispose of approved items in their rental dumpsters. We also recommend keeping a dumpster sealed when it’s not in use so that other people won’t cause a fire that could spread beyond it to nearby cars, buildings, or forested areas. For more information, call today.

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