How much can I put in a dumpster

Unexpected uses for roll-off dumpsters

Roll-off dumpsters are perfect for more than disposal of landscaping, renovation and new construction waste materials. They’re useful for a lot of other scenarios too:

  • Emergency efforts: Roll-off dumpster companies can quickly transport materials that are hindering rescue and rebuilding efforts after man-made and natural catastrophes, such as multi-car pile-ups, train wrecks, earthquakes, fires and floods.
  • Community cleanup: Instead of seasonal curbside cleanup efforts, community councils and clubs can work with a roll-off services company to set up a dumpster in a central location to make cleanup faster and more efficient.
  • Local fundraising: Some companies help non-profit organizations raise funds based on the collection and sale of scrap metals like aluminum and steel. The non-profit convinces people to donate and then the roll-off services company hauls the items to a scrap metal buyer and gives part of the proceeds back to the organization.

At Box Brothers Roll-Off Services, we offer a variety of roll off dumpster options to residents, business owners and organization leaders in Broomfield. Call today for more details.

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