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The Top Five Strangest Things Found inside Haul Away Dumpsters

Roll-off dumpsters are a great resource for all people, from hauling away trash and unusable stuff, too ridding yourself of collected clutter. But there are sometimes when it gets a little strange. If you give people the ability to throw away almost anything, things can get a little weird when people choose to throw away anything in their possession. It is a well-known fact that dumpster removal teams end up being the first line of defense against the weirdness. Here are some of the weirdest things that people have reported finding inside of full dumpsters.

Vegetables a Plenty

According to a Reddit user who worked for a dumpster rental company, they found an entire dumpster of raw onions. Now, it’s not a crime to throw away organic material or vegetables, but that does not mean that it is not a weird thing to see thousands of onions in one place like that. Could you imagine seeing all those hot, rotting onions in one place? What makes it weirder, is that the user claims that the dumpster was next to a house in the middle of no-where. So, this begs the questions, where did they get all those onions? What were they using them for? Will Costco sell that many to a normal person? Or do you need a business account? Most people reserve their onions for cooking and their rental dumpsters for furniture—but hey, it takes all kinds of people, right?

Got Milk?

One of the most disgusting ones that has been reported, claims that their team came across a layer of milk in their dumpster—a layer that was three inches thick. This dumpster was also collected by the Reddit user with the onion story—apparently this milk situation was created by a high school that rented the container. To make matters worse, the dumpster had been left for a few days—per the rental agreement. That great sun and the weather of those few days turned that milk to cheese. Don’t worry though, rental dumpsters tend to charge more for clean ups like that.


No humans, of course, but many people have reported finding animal carcasses inside of the dumpsters. This Reddit user reported having a dumpster filled with furniture, skinned raccoons, and a deer hide that had frozen to the bottom of the container. Now, organic materials are fine—but biohazards and frozen skins, is a lot for anybody. On that same note, another employee was alerted when he picked up a dumpster from a hospital—the staff had accidentally thrown out a human organ that was meant to be kept…oops?

Hidden Treasures

Dumpsters are filled with treasures sometimes. Some of the best ones that occur, are ones that are treasure—monetary value goes a long way, especially when you find it by chance. Matt Malone is a professional dumpster diver for a hobby, his entire internet persona is based off this idea that there can be treasure inside of dumpsters. One instance made this point clear for him, as he found a video surveillance set that was valued at a few hundred dollars. Not many people would be willing to dumpster dive at a professional level to find treasures like this… and that’s probably a good thing for everyone.

Animals & Weirdness

Everyone loves their pets, of course they do, but mixing animals and owners can sometimes result in…weirdness. A common find inside of dumpsters, particularly dumpsters that come from old homes, are taxidermy animals, some with plaques that read what their name was—and others that still wear their collars. But those are relatively normal in comparison to those reports that say they are sometimes found wearing human clothes, as taxidermy statues. That’s just a little too weird.

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