Dumpster Rental Safety in Winter

Dumpster Rental Safety in Winter Box Brothers Roll-Off Denver, COThe experts at Box Brothers Roll-Off Services in Denver have put together a quick guide to dumpster rental safety in winter. Each season presents different advantages and challenges when it comes to construction, remodeling, and landscaping. So before scheduling your dumpster, it’s important to take the following considerations into account and ensure that you’re fully prepared for the project.

If you are organizing a winter DIY project that will generate a lot of waste material, it is best to plan out exactly how you will dispose of it. Roll-off dumpsters can be used year-round and are the perfect solution for household waste created by home clear-outs, moving, demolition and renovations.

Follow this guide to make the most of your rental dumpster during the winter season.

Protect the Dumpster

For proper dumpster rental safety in winter, it’s always a good idea to keep your dumpster covered when not in use, especially overnight. A tarp held down with bungee cords works just fine. This will deter dumpster trespassers, including animals (who could get stuck) as well as vagrants. Keeping the dumpster covered will also help prevent snow from getting inside. Snow can quickly build up inside a dumpster, preventing you from being able to fill it efficiently and increasing the weight substantially.

Plow the Surrounding Area

Keep the area around the dumpster free from snow. Whether it is in your driveway, on a construction site or a public street, it is your responsibility to maintain easy access to the dumpster site for delivery and pick up. Plowing or shoveling the snow daily will prevent build-up and make it easier, as well as safer, for you or your workers to access the dumpster rental and fill it.

Prevent Ice

Once the snow has been cleared, it is a good idea to spread rock salt on the ground to stop ice from forming in the cleared areas. Construction debris is often bulky, with sharp edges or exposed nails and can be awkward to carry. A slippery surface is a hazard for anyone moving materials. To avoid accidents, keep the path between the work site and your roll-off dumpster completely clear and free from ice. Sand or kitty litter can be used in a pinch for quick ice removal.

Protect Yourself from the Elements

When working outdoors in cold weather, wrap up with appropriate warm, waterproof clothing and sturdy work boots. Hauling debris to your dumpster can cause you to sweat, so wear a bottom layer that wicks away moisture from your body. Take regular breaks to warm up inside with a hot drink. And don’t be afraid to ask for help from a friend or hire a professional if the job is too big for one person.

For more advice on dumpster rental safety in winter, contact Box Brothers Roll-Off Services. We have been providing Denver residents with a safe, cost-effective way to dump their unwanted debris for over ten years. We can coordinate to deliver and pick up the rental dumpster according to your schedule.

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