Tips for Loading Your Dumpster

Tips for Loading Your DumpsterToday, let’s talk tips for loading a dumpster. Whether you’re clearing out your home, moving house, landscaping your garden or working on a construction project, you are probably going to generate an enormous quantity of unwanted trash and materials. Renting a dumpster from Box Brothers Roll-Off Services allows you to get rid of accumulated waste conveniently and affordably. However, in a rush to dump your trash, you may end up loading your rented dumpster inefficiently or even dangerously.

By following these tips for loading your dumpster, you’ll maximize your use of space and minimize your stress on the day.

Try to sort your items for disposal early, even before the dumpster arrives. If you can get everything you intend to dump outside together, you will have a better idea of how much volume you truly have. Separate the light items like cardboard, foam packing material, leaves, twigs and grass clippings first. These should be loaded into the dumpster first. Other heavier items will weigh them down, so they don’t start to fly around if the wind picks up.

Next, take a look at the size and shapes of your heavier items. Anything that can easily be broken down into smaller pieces should be. Often furniture such as wardrobes or dressers can be dismantled to take up less space. Otherwise, you can lay them down open in the dumpster and fill them with smaller items.

Take into account the awkward shapes of some larger furniture items like bunk beds and corner sofas. If you spent hours playing Tetris, it would finally come in use now. Anticipate how much space you will need for oddly shaped items and fill in the surrounding gaps with smaller objects. Try to be conscious of filling the dumpster evenly. Don’t put all the heavy items on one side and just Styrofoam on the other. This will make the dumpster unbalanced and difficult to transport.

Keep safety as your number one priority when filling a dumpster. Use appropriate clothing and footwear when moving debris into your dumpster. A hard-wearing pair of gloves will protect you from splinters and from getting cut by rough edges. Be particularly cautious when handling fiberglass and partially broken down furniture studded with nails.

Although it may be tempting, getting into the dumpster and jumping or stamping your trash down is a bad idea. Follow our guidelines to loading your dumpster efficiently, and you will not need to try and make extra space in this dangerous manner. Remember, you cannot fill your dumpster over the top of its borders. It needs to be closed easily for safe transport.

Last but not least, remember that some materials are not allowed in rental dumpsters. This includes liquid paint, aerosols, dead animals, asbestos, propane tanks, motor oil and other flammable liquids.

To get more tips for loading your dumpster, you’re welcome to contact Box Brothers Rolloff Services via our website or by phoning 303-465-2100. We are ready to help you get rid of your unwanted home and garden waste quickly and affordably.

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