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Roll-off dumpsters and appliance and electronics disposal

Appliances and electronics often cause confusion for roll-off dumpster renters because a dumpster seems like the perfect place to toss them. Many of these items though contain hazardous materials that home and business owners should never dispose of this way. Consider the following:

  • Appliances often contain heavy metals and toxic gases and liquids that can damage the environment, such as refrigerants in fridges and air conditioners. You must always remove these components and dispose of them following local hazardous waste guidelines before putting the remainder of the appliance into a dumpster.
  • DIY hazardous waste removal with cell phones, computers, microwaves, radios, and televisions can sometimes result in injury. Only a professional should ever remove the hazardous components. Always dispose of these products via appliance-repair shops and e-waste recyclers or re-sell them for parts through classified ads and manufacturer disposal programs.

At Box Brothers Roll-Off Services, we want our clients from Broomfield and nearby areas to follow the safest guidelines possible when using our roll-off dumpsters and disposing of appliances and electronics. For more information, call us today.

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