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Our top roll-off dumpster safety tips

Roll-off dumpsters help home and business owners save time and money in a variety of waste disposal scenarios. Yet, they have the opposite intended effect when used in unsafe ways. To prevent costly accidents, follow these four safety tips:

  • Pick a safe spot. Never place a roll-off dumpster in an area where accidents are more likely to happen, such as near places where children play or under electrical lines or trees. Additionally, don’t block driveways, roads or pedestrian paths.
  • Use correct disposal measures. A roll-off dumpster isn’t an appropriate disposal bin for hazardous materials, such as aerosols, asbestos, batteries, chemical cleaners, E-waste or paints. Instead, follow local municipal waste disposal rules.
  • Secure the dumpster. To prevent strangers from getting hurt while trying to collect things out of the dumpster or use it as a form of overnight shelter, always lock it securely.
  • Watch your elbows and shins! Heavy solid steel and jutting parts can cause injuries. It’s easy to accidentally walk into or strike an arm against the dumpster. Instead of an impact resulting in a slight bruise, it might cause a bone bruise or nerve damage that takes a long time to heal.

At Box Brothers Roll-Off Services, we do more than supply you with a roll-off dumpster for rent. We also offer you our expertise so that you have the best experience possible with our dumpsters. For more information, call today.

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