Downsizing with a Roll Off Dumpster Rental

Moving into a new home can be incredibly stressful and complicated. The more stuff that you have to move from place to place, the more difficult the process will be. Instead of dragging items that you don’t want or need into your new home, you can choose a roll-off dumpster to help you declutter.

Roll-off dumpster rentals come in all sorts of sizes to fit your needs. If you have extra items you want to dispose of before an upcoming move, a roll of dumpster rental is definitely the way to go. But the first step in downsizing effectively is decluttering, so let’s start there. Here’s how to efficiently declutter your home.

Step 1 – Prepare Yourself

It’s not an understatement to say that going through all of your belongings and getting rid of things can be physically and emotionally draining. Before you get into the nitty-gritty of the decluttering process, take a moment to prepare yourself for the prospect of looking at your belongings and deciding what to clear out. Also, if you’re going to go with a roll-off dumpster rental, make sure you rent the dumpster ahead of time so it’s ready as soon as you start downsizing. Using a dumpster is much easier than making repeated trips to and from the dump so you want the dumpster rental to be there from the outset.

Step 2- Look Through Everything

Though the prospect of going through every last item in your home may be daunting, it’s the best approach for effective downsizing. From the basement to the attic, you should look through each of your boxes and drawers, and bags. Everything. It’s probably been a long time since you looked at some of these items so going through everything can help refresh your memory of what you own. As you sort through the items, you can reorganize them more effectively (as needed) and get a clear picture of what you want to throw away. Going through all your belongings will also help you determine whether you have any unnecessary duplicates of items. If you find a second blender in your attic and you already have another one packed up to take to your new home, you probably don’t need to keep the second one.

Step 3 – Categorize

As you’re going through your belongings, you should be separating items into various categories: want, need, and don’t want. Anything that you no longer want can either be sold, given away, or just put in your roll-off dumpster rental. Making the distinction between items you want and need can be one of the hardest parts of downsizing. You certainly don’t have to get rid of all the items in the “want” category. In fact, you shouldn’t. It’s all well and good to keep the items that are functional and that you use frequently but keeping some of the items that bring you joy is important, too. As a general rule, try to keep the items that you love or use often and get rid of the items that you haven’t used recently and have no strong attachment to.

Step 4- Go Digital

For many homeowners, a significant amount of the clutter in their homes comes from papers and filings. As you downsize, you should consider converting physical paperwork into digital files so they don’t take up any of the valuable space in your new home. This way, you don’t have to lose access to any potentially important files but you also don’t have to drag piles of papers with you in your move. You can scan any documents and files that you want to keep on record and upload them right to a digital storage system. It might take some more time and effort than just keeping the hard copies of the papers but it’s worth the investment. You can digitally store photos, too, so that you can keep the images without needing storage space for them.

Looking for a Roll-Off Dumpster Rental?

Depending on how much stuff you have and how much you want to get rid of, you may need anything from a small 10-yard dumpster to a much larger 40-yard dumpster.

Whatever the case may be if you’re ready to downsize and want to take advantage of the benefits of a roll-off dumpster rental in that process, look no further. At Box Brothers, we specialize in providing quality roll-off dumpster rentals. Contact us today to discuss your needs and schedule a rental!

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