Choosing the Right Spot to Locate Your Dumpster

Choosing the Right Spot to Locate Your DumpsterWhen you rent a trash dumpster from Box Brothers Roll-Off Services, we take care of almost everything, but choosing the right spot to locate your dumpster is up to you. That’s why we end up with a number of customers asking us for advice on the matter, since you’ll want to have a dumpster location chosen, measured out, and ready when we arrive. This will allow us a safe and efficient delivery and will make it easier for you to get working on filling it without delay.

So, let’s talk about choosing the right spot to locate your dumpster. 

Finding enough space

Before ordering your rental dumpster, planning where you want to put it can be as easy as finding and measuring out an area that can accommodate its size. Also, remember that the delivery truck will need enough space to enter the site to drop off the dumpster. Once you have calculated the dimensions of the site, you can order the appropriately sized dumpster. We offer dumpsters in the following sizes: 12 cubic yards (4′ high x 7′ wide x 12′ long) and 30 cubic yards (6′ high x 7′ wide x 22′ long).

Also, choose your site with safety in mind and look for potential hazards. Ensure there are no low hanging branches or electrical wires over the area where you want to place the dumpster. If you are locating the dumpster in a commercial area, ensure it will not block fire exits or the entrances for emergency services. For areas with public access, it is a good idea to mark the dumpster site with cones or tape to avoid people crossing through the work zone. 

Prepare site for delivery

Make sure your site is ready for the dumpster delivery. Dumpsters should be placed, ideally, on a concrete slab. If you are planning to have the dumpster set on an ornate brick driveway or lawn, it is best to put some wooden planks down to protect the surface from damage. Just before delivery, ensure nothing is blocking the delivery entrance. Move any cars, building equipment, or materials that may prevent the delivery truck from reaching the dumpster drop-off site.

You may want to warn your neighbors that you are renting a dumpster. Preparing them for the extra activity and noise may help avoid issues once work gets underway. Be aware of your property line and never place your dumpster outside of this line. At best, this could lead to annoyed neighbors and at worst, a costly lawsuit if something goes wrong. Ensure the placement of the dumpster does not block the driveways of your neighbors or the general flow of traffic around your property.

Last but not least, and for your absolute convenience, try to have your dumpster placed as close to the work site as possible. This will make it easier and faster to load up.

When choosing the right spot to locate your dumpster, there are a lot of factors to consider. If you have any concerns about renting a dumpster or need help choosing a location, simply give Box Brothers Roll-Off Services a call. We’re dedicated to providing a stress-free experience, from start to finish.

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