I need a mini dumpster delivered

Are you ready for your dumpster delivery

If you are not sure how to prepare a dumpster, we have a solution. Box Brothers Roll-Off Services serves the entire Denver metropolitan area and has been providing recycling and waste disposal services to residential and commercial customers for years.

We know exactly how our customers should prepare their property to receive trash cans. Typically, landlords rent garbage bins because they are trying to improve their homes, whether it’s for general cleaning, gardening, or interior renovations. However, if you do not take proper precautions, roll off dumpster may cause problems for your property. Read our tips to learn how to prepare for your trash can and avoid unnecessary problems.

Choose Your Surface

A roll-off dumpster is made of metal and can cause damage to delicate surfaces, so, if possible, you don’t want to place a dumpster on top of a driveway of ornate brickwork. If placed directly on grass or another soft surface, the dumpster could sink a few inches. Ultimately, a concrete surface is an optimum location for placement of your dumpster rental. Even asphalt runs the risk of suffering an impression or dent from the weight of the dumpster.


When placed on a concrete surface, it’s not guaranteed that the dumpster will not leave marks, dents, or cracks. To reduce the probability of this happening, your best option is to lay down plywood over the surface. This is especially important if you are forced to place the dumpster on a surface like a lawn. Plywood will help reduce the pressure placed on the surface below and distribute the weight of the dumpster and its contents more evenly.

Make a Clear Path

Before deciding on the location for your dumpster rental, visualize the path between the worksite and the dumpster. If there are vehicles or landscaping features obstructing this path, they may be at risk of damage. Make sure there is a clear path for workers to safely transfer materials to the dumpster, well away from the edges of buildings and other obstacles.

Watch the Weight

The heavier your dumpster is, the more likely it is to cause issues with the surface below. If you are planning on filling the dumpster with mostly dense, heavy materials then you should take extra precautions. Placing plywood or a concrete slab between the dumpster and the surface you are trying to protect can help. Also try to evenly distribute the weightier objects and materials, so that one end of the dumpster is not heavier than the other.

Knowing how to prepare for a roll-off dumpster can prevent stress on the day of its arrival. Taking these precautions will minimize the risk of damage to your home or a client’s property and allow you to take full advantage of the dumpster rental. For further information on preparing your home or worksite for a roll-off dumpster, and to get a quote, contact Box Brothers Roll-Off Services in Denver. Our friendly customer service team will answer all your questions and send a dumpster out for your next project.

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