How to Prevent Illegal Dumping in Your Roll-Off

How to Prevent Illegal Dumping in Your Roll-OffKnowing how to prevent illegal dumping in your roll-off dumpster can mean the difference between a great experience and an exasperating one. Box Brothers Roll-Off Services, serving all of metro Denver, would like to offer you some tips on how best to use and protect your rental dumpster.

Unfortunately, when you rent a roll-off, some unscrupulous people can take the opportunity to quietly rid themselves of their trash by sneaking it into your dumpster. This can be very frustrating, especially if you’re in the middle of a project and somebody else’s waste takes up the precious space you’ve paid for.

Hide Your Dumpster

To prevent your private dumpster rental from turning into a community free for all, choose your location carefully. If you have a fenced in yard, or a gated drive, try to place your dumpster inside the perimeter and as close to your house as possible. Try to keep it off busy streets that have a lot of foot traffic. You want to make it difficult for people to pass by and drop things in unnoticed.

Close Up the Dumpster

When not in use, keep your dumpster covered. A simple tarp, tightly secured with a rope or bungee cords will act as a deterrent against opportunistic dumpers. At night, you should try to keep the area around your dumpster well-lit, maybe aim that motion-activated light over your garage directly at the dumpster area or set up a temporary spotlight to keep it illuminated.

Get In and Get Out

The longer you have a rented dumpster on site, the more likely you are to suffer from illegal dumping. This means you should plan to have the dumpster delivered when you know you are ready to fill it. Ordering your dumpster to arrive before you have much to put in it means there will be space in your dumpster over a longer period, and a bigger risk of other people’s trash making their way into it.

Keep an Eye on Things

If at all possible, try not to spend extended periods away from the property where your dumpster is located. If you do have to leave your home or the site unattended, let your neighbors know that you have a rental dumpster. Ask them to keep an eye on your dumpster and maybe have lighting timed to turn on after dusk. Again, a covered and well-lit dumpster makes it less likely of a target.

Become a Detective

Check your dumpster each day for illegally dumped items. If you do find other debris in your dumpster, check to see if there are any identifying labels, receipts or addresses. Some illegal dumpers are not as clever as they think they are. Do not be afraid to call law enforcement and give them any information you have collected. Even if police cannot identify the perpetrator, it may help you or your neighbors in the future if the problem repeats itself.

Box Brothers Roll-Off Services offers dumpster rentals across metro Denver and understand that it’s not always 100% possible, but knowing how to prevent illegal dumping in your roll-off can make it difficult for any potential dumpers to act. Hopefully, this information will help you minimize your risk and have plenty of space to get rid of your unwanted debris quickly, safely and affordably.

Evidently, Philadelphia Had a Dumpster Pool Problem

Evidently, Philadelphia Had a Dumpster Pool ProblemBox Brothers is happy to report the safe use of dumpsters in Denver, unlike other cities. Yes, evidently, Philadelphia had a dumpster pool problem that managed to call attention to both the safety practices of dumpster rental companies and the bizarre inventions of overheated city dwellers. And in August 2016, the Mayor’s office had to release a statement reminding citizens that the city would not issue permits for “dumpster pools” and that people should find other ways to have fun and cool down.

The issue came to a head after the organizers of a neighborhood block party rented a dumpster and turned it into a makeshift pool. They started by thoroughly cleaning the dumpster before lining the bottom with plywood and rounding out the sharp corners with pool noodles. A large tarp was then laid down before they filled the dumpster to the brim with water from a nearby fire hydrant.

Although we can all appreciate human ingenuity, and as a dumpster rental company we are flattered that people see such potential for our great product, we have to admit there are many reasons why this is not a clever idea.

First, a dumpster is for storing waste. And while many toxic and harmful substances are banned from being disposed of in a dumpster; no used dumpster can ever be considered sanitary enough to swim in. We don’t even want to think about the kinds of germs that partygoers came into contact with or may have ingested while swimming in a dumpster pool.

Another important issue to address here is the water source. The organizers of the block party in Philadelphia illegally opened a fire hydrant to fill their makeshift pool. Fire hydrants eject water at extremely high pressure. The force of this water can be enough to injure bystanders or even cause traffic accidents. Also, using such a large volume of water could mean that in the event of a fire in the neighborhood, the hydrant may not have sufficient water supply to put out the blaze.

As you can imagine, there are numerous hazards associated with using a dumpster incorrectly. If you are considering renting one, it is important to first ask yourself whether a dumpster is right for the task you need to complete. If you are planning to dispose of household trash, garden waste, old appliances or furniture, recycling material or construction debris in a safe, fast, and affordable way, then a rental dumpster is a great option. On the other hand, if you’re more interested in creating a swimming pool, performance stage, tiny residence, or children’s playground, please look elsewhere for a solution.

Evidently, Philadelphia had a dumpster pool problem and we can only hope that this trend won’t spread to any other cities. At Box Brothers Roll-Off Services, we are committed to providing a safe, efficient and affordable option for waste disposal. We also feel it is part of our responsibility towards our customers to ensure they have the necessary information to use their rental dumpsters responsibly. For prices and more info on our services, please feel free to contact us.

Colorado Construction Growth In 2017

Colorado Construction Growth In 2017Here at Box Brothers, we are keeping a close eye on Colorado construction growth in 2017. What we’re seeing is that the state is set to experience some significant changes to its economy over the course of the year. While rural areas are expected to struggle with droughts and severe conditions for farmers and ranchers, the construction sector, hospitality sector and health sectors can look forward to growth and an increase in the number jobs. To keep up with demand in these sectors, Box Brothers offers safe and affordable roll-off dumpster rental services.

The construction industry is ready to enjoy yet another productive year in Colorado. This will be most evident on the outskirts of cities, like north metro Denver, where single-family homebuilding is set to pick up more steam. The population growth we’ve experienced in the state over the past few years is predicted to continue, with an estimated 95,000 new residents arriving in 2017. This brings the state’s population to a total of 5.5 million people. The boom in population is one of the reasons for increased construction, as more residences will need building in order to accommodate growth.

With Colorado construction growth in 2017, workers can look forward to a healthy job market and plenty of new opportunities. Unemployment is currently low at 3.5% and steadily dropping. The mining sector is the only area that has experienced a high rate of layoffs in recent times. This is due to the lowered value of oil, natural gas, and coal. Fortunately, there are plenty of jobs being created this year in construction, tourism, and healthcare.

Overall, Colorado should gain 63,400 new jobs over the course of the year. This represents a growth rate of 2.4% and keeps us on the list of top ten states with highest job growth. In Colorado, there hasn’t been a period of job growth as successful since the 1990s. Colorado is a seriously attractive option for skilled trade workers seeking opportunities. This boom will be led by the construction industry and the addition of 9,000 jobs, making it a lucrative moment for job seekers with building experience.

With this massive increase in construction activity, we are predicting a higher demand on building infrastructure and waste removal. Fortunately, our company offers services to both homeowners and commercial businesses. Whether you are renovating your kitchen or leading operations on the construction of a brand-new home, it is inevitable that a lot of waste will be produced. Our roll-off dumpster rentals offer the perfect solution for the disposal of demolition debris, construction waste, land clearing debris, in addition to household furniture and appliances.

This is the perfect moment to be involved in the construction industry, whether you are a job seeker or builder/employer. Keeping your construction site operating smoothly, free of hazards, has never been so important. For a quote on our services or more information, do not hesitate to call your local waste removal experts, Box Brothers Roll-Off Services serving metro Denver. We’re looking forward to the Colorado construction growth in 2017 and are ready to help you with efficient and safe waste removal.

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Tips for Loading Your Dumpster

Tips for Loading Your DumpsterToday, let’s talk tips for loading a dumpster. Whether you’re clearing out your home, moving house, landscaping your garden or working on a construction project, you are probably going to generate an enormous quantity of unwanted trash and materials. Renting a dumpster from Box Brothers Roll-Off Services allows you to get rid of accumulated waste conveniently and affordably. However, in a rush to dump your trash, you may end up loading your rented dumpster inefficiently or even dangerously.

By following these tips for loading your dumpster, you’ll maximize your use of space and minimize your stress on the day.

Try to sort your items for disposal early, even before the dumpster arrives. If you can get everything you intend to dump outside together, you will have a better idea of how much volume you truly have. Separate the light items like cardboard, foam packing material, leaves, twigs and grass clippings first. These should be loaded into the dumpster first. Other heavier items will weigh them down, so they don’t start to fly around if the wind picks up.

Next, take a look at the size and shapes of your heavier items. Anything that can easily be broken down into smaller pieces should be. Often furniture such as wardrobes or dressers can be dismantled to take up less space. Otherwise, you can lay them down open in the dumpster and fill them with smaller items.

Take into account the awkward shapes of some larger furniture items like bunk beds and corner sofas. If you spent hours playing Tetris, it would finally come in use now. Anticipate how much space you will need for oddly shaped items and fill in the surrounding gaps with smaller objects. Try to be conscious of filling the dumpster evenly. Don’t put all the heavy items on one side and just Styrofoam on the other. This will make the dumpster unbalanced and difficult to transport.

Keep safety as your number one priority when filling a dumpster. Use appropriate clothing and footwear when moving debris into your dumpster. A hard-wearing pair of gloves will protect you from splinters and from getting cut by rough edges. Be particularly cautious when handling fiberglass and partially broken down furniture studded with nails.

Although it may be tempting, getting into the dumpster and jumping or stamping your trash down is a bad idea. Follow our guidelines to loading your dumpster efficiently, and you will not need to try and make extra space in this dangerous manner. Remember, you cannot fill your dumpster over the top of its borders. It needs to be closed easily for safe transport.

Last but not least, remember that some materials are not allowed in rental dumpsters. This includes liquid paint, aerosols, dead animals, asbestos, propane tanks, motor oil and other flammable liquids.

To get more tips for loading your dumpster, you’re welcome to contact Box Brothers Rolloff Services via our website or by phoning 303-465-2100. We are ready to help you get rid of your unwanted home and garden waste quickly and affordably.

Choosing the Right Spot to Locate Your Dumpster

Choosing the Right Spot to Locate Your DumpsterWhen you rent a trash dumpster from Box Brothers Roll-Off Services, we take care of almost everything, but choosing the right spot to locate your dumpster is up to you. That’s why we end up with a number of customers asking us for advice on the matter, since you’ll want to have a dumpster location chosen, measured out, and ready when we arrive. This will allow us a safe and efficient delivery and will make it easier for you to get working on filling it without delay.

So, let’s talk about choosing the right spot to locate your dumpster. 

Finding enough space

Before ordering your rental dumpster, planning where you want to put it can be as easy as finding and measuring out an area that can accommodate its size. Also, remember that the delivery truck will need enough space to enter the site to drop off the dumpster. Once you have calculated the dimensions of the site, you can order the appropriately sized dumpster. We offer dumpsters in the following sizes: 12 cubic yards (4′ high x 7′ wide x 12′ long) and 30 cubic yards (6′ high x 7′ wide x 22′ long).

Also, choose your site with safety in mind and look for potential hazards. Ensure there are no low hanging branches or electrical wires over the area where you want to place the dumpster. If you are locating the dumpster in a commercial area, ensure it will not block fire exits or the entrances for emergency services. For areas with public access, it is a good idea to mark the dumpster site with cones or tape to avoid people crossing through the work zone. 

Prepare site for delivery

Make sure your site is ready for the dumpster delivery. Dumpsters should be placed, ideally, on a concrete slab. If you are planning to have the dumpster set on an ornate brick driveway or lawn, it is best to put some wooden planks down to protect the surface from damage. Just before delivery, ensure nothing is blocking the delivery entrance. Move any cars, building equipment, or materials that may prevent the delivery truck from reaching the dumpster drop-off site.

You may want to warn your neighbors that you are renting a dumpster. Preparing them for the extra activity and noise may help avoid issues once work gets underway. Be aware of your property line and never place your dumpster outside of this line. At best, this could lead to annoyed neighbors and at worst, a costly lawsuit if something goes wrong. Ensure the placement of the dumpster does not block the driveways of your neighbors or the general flow of traffic around your property.

Last but not least, and for your absolute convenience, try to have your dumpster placed as close to the work site as possible. This will make it easier and faster to load up.

When choosing the right spot to locate your dumpster, there are a lot of factors to consider. If you have any concerns about renting a dumpster or need help choosing a location, simply give Box Brothers Roll-Off Services a call. We’re dedicated to providing a stress-free experience, from start to finish.

What is an Industrial Waste Landfill According to the EPA?

What is an Industrial Waste Landfill According to the EPA?Discarding industrial waste is no easy process. Unlike ordinary household garbage, it requires disposal in a specially designated industrial waste landfill. The EPA regulates separate facilities designed to process different types of waste. If you are carrying out any project involving construction, manufacturing or large scale processing, you may be producing non-hazardous, industrial waste.

Here, our experts at Box Brothers will outline the main differences between the various landfill categories and explain how you should go about disposing of your industrial waste. 

Created to provide a safe location to dispose of solid and hazardous waste, landfills are designed according to strict rules to ensure the surrounding environment is not contaminated. Improperly dumped waste can leak harmful gasses, poison groundwater, and cause environmental damage. Checking which landfill is suitable for your waste means you are doing your best to protect the environment and the health of the community. 

Landfills are categorized as either hazardous waste (Subtitle C) or solid waste (Subtitle D). Hazardous waste is most commonly produced by industrial processing, laboratories, generators, and chemical or pharmaceutical processing. This waste can contain harmful chemicals, radioactive materials, and biological toxins. Anybody producing such waste should have a specific disposal program set up according to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

Solid waste is subdivided into municipal waste, otherwise known as household waste, and industrial waste. This covers a wide range of commercial and institutional solid wastes. Industrial waste landfills receive all materials that do not get sent to municipal solid waste landfills, Subtitle C hazardous waste landfills or the Toxic Substances Control Act hazardous waste landfill. The EPA has set out requirements that must be met by all industrial waste landfills, however, each state may impose additional regulations. These landfills are responsible for the collection of a significant percentage of solid waste.

There are two main types of industrial waste landfills. A Construction and Demolition debris landfill will accept materials such as wood, glass, concrete, metal and building components. Waste produced during the construction, renovation or demolition of roads, bridges, and buildings can be disposed of there. Additionally, they will receive trees, earth, and rocks removed when clearing land. Plastics, plumbing fixtures, bricks, and asphalt are all suitable for disposal in a Construction and Demolition debris landfill.

The other type of industrial waste landfill is the Coal Combustion Residual landfill. This landfill accepts waste produced by coal-fired power plants. Some of the by-products that remain after coal are burnt include ash, boiler slag, and flue gas desulfurization material. These by-products amount to one of the largest amounts of industrial waste produced every year in the United States. Coal ash can contain substances such as mercury and arsenic, which, if improperly disposed of, can contaminate waterways. For these reasons, the EPA has created designated landfill facilities for this type of waste.

If you think you may be producing industrial waste through your commercial activities, your best option is to check the requirements for disposal in your state. The Construction Industry Compliance Assistance Center offers information on the environmental rules for the construction industry. You can also contact Box Brothers for help, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Broomfield Construction Dumpsters

construction dumpsterBox Brothers Roll-Off Service is the company to call when you are looking in Broomfield for construction dumpsters. For over ten years we have provided the best dumpster services for residential and commercial customers.

There are many reasons you may need to rent construction dumpsters. An office remodel or just getting rid of unwanted items as well as any landscape projects are just a few reasons to rent a construction dumpster. We offer timely pickup and delivery, and we have many sizes to fit your every need.

In addition, we can recycle steel/metal, asphalt, concrete, and wood debris. Our personalized service sets us apart from the competition. Why go anywhere else. When you are looking in Broomfield for construction dumpsters, contact us today. Quality is our middle name!

Construction Site Dumpster Rental

Roll-OffWhether you are doing a renovation or new construction, Box Brothers have the right construction site dumpster rental for your project.  We are the number one source for construction dumpster rentals in the Denver metro area.

Construction site dumpsters can be used for many projects including demolition, roofing, new construction and more. A dumpster makes it easy to dispose of concrete, dirt, plaster, tile, rock,  glass, roofing materials, wood, asphalt, drywall, and just about anything. We understand the unique needs of contractors and our knowledgeable customer service representatives will help you schedule the delivery, and pick up your dumpster.

When you give us a call, we can often have the dumpsters at your job site the same day or the very next day.  We work with contractors, builders, homeowners, landscapers and industrial companies, to help them get rid of unwanted debris.  If you are uncertain about how to safely dispose of questionable materials, we will guide you through the process.

Construction site dumpsters rentals are the perfect solution for building and construction projects because they allow for large amounts of debris to be taken away at one time.  Our dumpsters can be placed exactly where you need them.


When renting a dumpster, it’s important to know what size dumpster you will need.  One of the biggest mistakes people make is ordering the wrong size.  Getting one that is too small or paying for a half-filled one doesn’t make sense.  We have large roll-off containers in the following sizes:

12 cubic yards (4′ high x 7′ wide x 12′ long)

30 cubic yards (6′ high x 7′ wide x 22′ long) 

What you will be dumping

Another thing to consider is what type of debris you will dump.  We haul a wide range of debris including:

  • Demolition Debris
  • Furniture
  • Tree Debris and Land Clearing
  • Steel/Metal recycling to Recycling Material
  • Residential and Construction Debris
  • Small and Large Used Appliances

It is also important to know what NOT to dump.  You may not know it is against the law to dispose of hazardous waste.  This includes oil filters, herbicides, chemical products, solvents, paint (except completely dried latex paint cans), propane tanks, oils, tires, batteries, medical waste, asbestos or anything with Freon.  If you have any questions its best to contact the company for a complete list.

Once you have the dumpster, safety is important.  Never overload the containers.  If your container is filled over the top of the dumpster, we will not be able to dump it.  It’s important to keep children away from the container at all times.

At Box Brothers, we care about the environment.  We recycle asphalt, concrete and wood debris rather than just dumping it into a landfill.  We are a family owned and operated business providing nothing less than the best customer service for more than ten years.  If your construction site needs a dumpster, we offer prompt service and ensure on-time pick-up and delivery.

Construction Dumpsters Rent Denver

Construction Dumpsters Rent DenverIf you are looking for construction dumpsters for rent in Denver, Box Brothers offers great customer service and affordable prices. When you are doing a home remodel or renovation a dumpster is a great way to get rid of the debris. Renting a dumpster can be quick and easy when you give us a call.

When you have a major project construction dumpsters are necessary. If you are not sure what size roll construction dumpsters for rent you need, our courteous service providers are on-call to guide you through the rental process. We can easily tailor our dumpsters to fit your needs.

How do you get rid of the unwanted materials and debris? As a family owned and operated business, we provide great customer service and prices you can afford. Whether you need a smaller dumpster for a home remodel or a large dumpster for a complete remodel, we have the construction dumpsters for rent in Denver you need.

Roll Off Dumpster Broomfield

construction dumpsterSpringtime is the time everyone begins to think about home improvement projects. Whether it’s a landscaping project or remodel, Box Brothers have what you need when you are looking for a roll off dumpster in Broomfield.

We are proud to be a family-owned company helping the Denver metro area with all their dumpster needs. Our experts will help you decide on just the right roll of dumpster for your projects.

Commercial or residential, we will haul away everything from land clearing, steel/metal recycling, household and office furniture, small/large appliances and more. In addition to great customer service, we take pride in offering timely delivery and pick up personalized service. For more information about roll off dumpster rental in Broomfield, visit our website or give us a call today. We are sure to have just what you’re looking for at prices you can afford.